We must assume the World Order role

The world is blatantly existing without any strong reason for solidarity.There we exist merely for the sake of existing and what dominate our thoughts is our immediate reality that is with our respective national perspectives.We just don’t want to enforce something that is global.Our parochial interests compel us to take a stance that completely ignores the world order.The world order is not a reaction to the existing world schema but how the world is built for addressing the global issues challenging us today.We are busy with the regional notions such that we totally ignore the order of the world where everything is with the unique humanitarian viewpoint highlighting humaneness in our respective societies.I am a citizen of the world first as I am humane than the citizen of a  country such that the order of things that we imply by first becoming the citizen of a nation are imperial in design .There is nothing wrong with the citizenship issues when we tend to follow a national perspective but we must think that the global issues need our paramount interest like climate change and the eradication of dangerous diseases like polio.We as humans have developed our economies coming a long way since the beginnings of industrial revolution.Our political stances also dominate with the regional perspective that first signifies our existential needs like religion.We must start looking with more global viewpoint so that we could establish humanitarian beliefs in our existence as the human race of the universe.


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