A story of sorts

I pledge to myself that when comes an opportunity to stay with my social cause I declare that I shall not give up all entirely on forming earlier ideas of Socialism.My opinion is a strict case of helping the needy with basic amenities of life.At least for a person having some sort of self esteem there exists upon love a form of self respect. I care for myself.I respect my ideas and usually I would help the people with life in order to get respect.In other’s opinions or ideas I must take up the issues affecting everybody who is responsible decision maker.We must discuss in a forum.Now the forum is not easy to come up with.Sometimes I think I could start a political party myself and other times I think I just don’t have sufficient will to even vote.The primary reason  for existing is a undiminished idea of choice for the social values you stand for.The ideas that usually take me to the back foot are those depending upon the opinion of others.What use is the writing if no one reads it.My current status on the blog is useless, no one visits me but my sheer will to produce something in writing and hence to form the ideas about myself and the society is really important and I must take the issues seriously even if there is no one to support me.What begins as an affect of  socialist tendency must complete the action in reality.


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