Shun the lights!

I am wary of love as it unfolds in the destiny of man,I think twice to lay in the sunshine for love is its own enemy no matter what you do,love keeps coming back.I am trying to be honest with myself.The decision  I took was shunning lights,all the glamour of the world couldn’t set me rolling in the society where everything is biased to monetary gains or plucking made on investments of currency.I am not focused on losing the limelight yet I shun the lights for the lights are synonymous with enlightenment and I don’t want to experiment with my image or my soul that’s ever demanding my attention for the intellectual surrendering of the self.Lights glitter with all the showiness that suggests welcome relief for the life.People are central points of convergence of opinion and the only opinion that I form of all the showiness is cool belligerence to the experiments of life.Like Mahatma Gandhi who experimented with the truth,I think twice for setting the mood for glitter of life.All the gold if glitters perhaps it shines on its own to enhance the glamour of itself.I am living piecemeal existence of bartering glamour with .The saints who are pious renounce the glamour and hence all the doings of life.There only concern is existence prior to self effacing .I am demanding all the gains of life and see for myself nothing matters but the spirit that shakes everything.The zeal for love, that endearing force that if withdrawn into uplifts the body and mind.The spirit is indeed fine for love of another spirit that have cast us together into the bunch.I am living all the life by shunning all the luxuries that I don’t care if its important for my existence for I know existence precedes the essence of being something.


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