Mind a compassionate story

Mind shouldn’t waver.It should be still and facing the fathomless bottom of self.There is silence in being compassionate with the soul.We have nothing ought to loose but only gains are to be made.I measure myself with my mind fixed on the topic of myself.My roots to the end of myself denies anything else.My mind transfixed on the energy that my self is bustling with.With a little effort we could learn to unlock the secret treasures of mind.Its an abundant energy that could be used to have a communion with the soul.The soul is a true reflection of personality.To measure myself up I must gauge the communion channel.I am silent with eyes totally focused on self I start concentrating upon the self and myself is allowing me to get comfortable with my soul.I am getting compassionate with myself.Know thy self better.There I want to be aware of my soul.My utter consciousness mellowed into self belief that I am made of elements that the nature could not deny.If there is fire, I burn myself into,If there is water then I flood myself into.There is no moment of wavering.Fixed and silent upon myself I transpose to another world.The boat of mind is on gentle waters but slowly about to ride upon chartered waters.There is a lighthouse,my brain that signals everything happening inside my mind.My mind is fictional substance.Everything there is unreal and upon ideas I welcome any thought entering my mind.The boat of mind is upon chartered waters.The storm of thoughts is rising but abiding the inner logic of soul.There is no one superior and no one inferior there is one substance that pervades everywhere, the substance of fiction that is building up within.There is an imaginary story of a brahmin upon the journey of identity.The identity of self is forming within.I could recall my name through the blinding darkness slowly coming into light.I am riding the third wave of self journey into enlightenment.


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