A spiritual lust for love

I am wanderer and now bedridden,solemnly staking claim to spiritual journey that I undertake everyday talking to self.There is passion for the self searching,finding true meaning of life.Like all passions it happens with a burning desire to be spiritually closer to what the nature has bestowed upon man a soulful communion with the mountains if man wants to be in the company of immortals.Nature is a breeze for men who are compassionate with themselves.There is no middle man lurching in somewhere who has introduced oneself to modern contraption of what man calls God.Along came love with soul that is a mark of generations’ toil with the spiritual content of man.To be bold is a sign of recognizing oneself to undertake all the tough tasks of knowing thy self unless you know yourself there is nothing else matters.A journey of logic and comprehension could mean putting logic aside and facing the urgency of self fulfilment. I am amazed at the idea of man being in principles higher than any ideals that are self consoling.I hear the stories of man being rising to fulfil the promises with higher moral grounds than what is permissible in this life.A claim to ideal life is lived with principles and experiment with the truth.He is lustful to be spiritual master of his soul.There could not be nothing endearing than the soulful promise of fulfilment of higher ideals.The ideal of a man would again be a man and his search never ends in finding the rightful place in the history.The only ordeals that are lead by a man are to belong to higher ideals and better historical rapport that he establishes with his fellow men.A principle, a higher ideal and a spiritual conquest of oneself his what is sought in this world.The materialistic side of existence is never in question for man finds more in the ideals and spiritual love.The spiritual love is a binding with the class of men that never yield to lust for life but in accordance with their right to follow spiritually often the other duties that go beyond the materialistic control of life.In the end what measures up is his love with the fellow brothers and continuance with spiritual ideals.


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