In an illusory faith we kill wisdom and obscure knowledge

We  re-examine ourselves every time we commit errors, there was perhaps an illusion that worked up the faith and nothing else matters.Faith could be blind arousing passion while knowledge is a key to imagination that propels science and improves our world view.Having faith, we establish Frankenstein that challenges himself as God which again is illusory abstraction. Man’s centuries old faith in the idea of God is an obsession with one man that is Christ. There is no knowledge in knowing the Christ because he is already known by the virtue of his edifice which was a product of the state and state machinery about two thousand years ago.I am not believing in the idea of God which is basically a slumber to presence of something in this world.Something happens in the world and would always be happening which I treat as reality that seeks every one among the intelligent people to term as deviation and yield from their creative force a critique of something not happening.What doesn’t happen is not falsehood but mimicry of something not happening.In the religion there is an intelligent agent helping on the way to look for God and hence find meaning to existence.The something not happening is in principle like meditation where we concentrate upon ourselves to seek the divinity.What something is not happening is the establishment of religion and its corpus agenda.All in the religion,nothing happens and what happens is the intellectualism of will.We tend to come up with the abstractions to convince ourselves the essence of divinity.All the divine obscures knowledge  and all the spirituality bases itself upon faith that is illusory in nature and puts as at crossroads of reason.


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