The order of things in the universe

Things and plenty of things is a sure sign of existence but why then pessimism dominates our world order view ?Simply because we want huge many of things.Kant described the thing as thing-in-itself as things exist independent of perception and are unknowable as such.The only knowledge that is possible in such a case is without experience,So massive scheme of things that exist for us is not only huge but unmeasurable to the extent that experience could alone cannot help us in knowing the things. Hence how do I know ? I know but with impressions on mind rendered by the structure of things that is possible to know with a knowledge of  language.The language helps us in forming concepts about things.Such a knowledge could be redundant when conceiving the things as that is usually used for scientific purposes to fulfil the need of utility of things.Once the utilitarian perception is overcome, we are left in the lurch by unfathomable ocean of existence.I exist therefore things exist ultimately as having an order which is principally of experience.Beyond experience I must transcend the order in which things are established in the world of cosmic significance through meditation or any ultra sensory methods.Concentrating upon the soul is beginning of knowledge of things perceptible which one gathers by conscious awakening of soul.Once my inner world is wild awake I could proceed to know what is outside of things other than me.I concentrate upon vortex of truth that germinal seed of creation that is present in every thing conceivable in the universe.Out of humble beginning as a knower of things perceptible one could focus on all the energy there is with held deep within oneself.What is knowable is oneself and the enlightenment of being in the universe thus one sees all the light of the universe in oneself.


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