Absurdism the philosophy of life now and then

I bend and pick up the sea shells
No more dilemma about the sea
the sea is locked between the horns
of a bull and a centaur
My sea shells conform with the seaweed
equally important is the fish
that lounged in the tides
I am coming home to see my mother
there is a rickety gate that
cringes upon its hinges.The gate opened
I walk into the garden, there is love
and there is haste,My seashells have
grown in number but I am unhappy
to display in the sun and make
the canopies of the sea weed
There I am walking into the garden
and I have met my mother, there is silence
and all my friends have left for picnic
Could I have a sight of her,now in the garden!
She is been dead a decade ago,
my unusual suspicion of rebirth has waned
and now I contend my self with a cup of coffee
in the morning,The church bell chimes evening
the wind is light and air thin
It is June in the winter,like last June
it is annoying to see so much pollution
She was kind but ill of luck struck nine
and the potpourri melted and now is dead.


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