The philosophy love connection

I know the roses smell for heaven’s sake exotic and bold.I know love denied is love revived.I embark on the path of love as a sufi saint whose ultimate concern is the cosmos.There is no illusion about who the lover is in this case, a affirmative for the God.To perceive love is not like watching a romantic movie or reading a fantasy novel, its pretty dark and straight to learn the lessons of love.I am waiting for something to happen,something desirable, something beautiful.Now I am challenging myself to receive love in its full bloom.There is a scent usually of a woman lingering in the room where everything is sensual from bath to toga besides a deodorant or perfume.But she is not fulfilling the need to share, share with a stranger is never on the agenda but yet there is some destination to which I yearn to reach but there is something in the way.A rejection slip from my supposed to be lover than anyone else.I look out of the window,its pretty dark and evening has baled the world into another uncertain night.No riders in the night.My lover is not complaining about anything.I have taken for granted that the rejection would subside and I would be in the arms of a pretty stranger.The world is obsessive about itself.There is no intellectual preference and what comes to fancy is that what happens in immediate reality.Its absurd to make sense out of reality.The effort goes into living the reality is burden on the soul.There is not anyone out there let alone caring.All the sense comes from one’s parents who stick to in all times.So besides parents there is hardly anyone worth of salt and grain.


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