Lovers’ Denial

I am waiting for Godot to read
and your charms have me seized
I am hating to leave the city now
and wanting to win your favour
for a kiss,There is no reply
from your end to seize another
opportunity to love you hard way
I am negligent to lovers ways and
roast upon the fire a cooked meat
I have beer galore in the pits
from where the earthen mud mounts
the wine bottles with tender kiss
I am a talker of old ways where
lover is lost in a love’s lane and
hears none coming his way,his proud
heart is tender like a silk and
those pounds of cakes mixed for your
love happening in this lasting spring
of a joy.Now I want to rest with the
God forsaken shadows of sunny vales
your undulating shadow rises above
the sky to take a flight like a
pigeon and it flies up away
I am a lover of the rains and
a casket of diamond rings wait
for your finger harboured in a day!
downstream the river falls into the sea.
Does the river ask who is on the boat
or Does the sea ask who is your love
Nonetheless I need you in a role
of a lover who has denied the baked


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