The Absurdist Agenda

The world is my will.I shall not shake the norms of the world lest I be one among them.This is the side business of love don’t scroll through what is almighty have done.Lets stand up to the cause of meaninglessness in the world.What is forgotten is not touched upon.The world is power and the power is absurd.Who wants to kick joy in the guts where everything live ultimately in the shadow of politics.The state is machine that obeys no one but itself whose only idea is to nurture itself at all cost.No work is undone unless the state wants.In totality everyone lives under a state and is fettered by it.There is no escape to nurture the Godly ideas while under the stewardship of a one man who ultimately is the scoundrel of all.Nietzsche is right when he allures all that has been undone by the previous generations blindly pumping the decay of the state.The state is substantially weakened fiction that entertainment industry produce a self obsessive want to look upon narcissistically. How could be this shamelessly popular the common theme of meaninglessness.The politics demeans itself while the so called art industry of movies and films makes the will of man strong.Now I want to choose from what I have done by entertaining the people.The state is a host to the movie business and preserves the mind numbing thinking of stubborn artists whose only fascination is the lure of big money and self indulgence.What the society learns from the self indulgence is selfishness.All celebs are selfish of the lot of people.

From where to begin looking for meaning , it should come from within the depths of man who is nurturing his intellect in knowing the affairs of the state.Ignorance sometimes is bliss, the more we learn of the state, the more we become like one, cruel, unkind and ruthless.


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