The Miracle Man

Miracles don’t happen in everyday busy life.Why should anyone worry for the others was the significant question in the mind of Cherry.He was aghast having lost his breath in coming five floors upstairs.In the room George was interviewing his supposed to be wife.The Godman was right there is no left or right just the straight drive.Now the mind is a difficult paper for a junior student to pass.Cherry was shy to enter the George’s room seeing a young woman made him go blush.The Godman was lecturing his disciples about Yoga.The mind is a serious objection to most of the nonsense in the world.Geeta the supposed to be wife of George was adamant about her job she would not quit after getting married toGeorge incase George likes her to be his wife.There were many questions and so little answers.Cherry sat away tucked into the corner of the room from where barely visible he was rehearsing his dialogue script incase he gets selected by George for the role of a servant.No lets finish up the story fast.The Godman smiled to Cherry seing him memorising his dialogues.He considered art to be a miracle and miracle to be art.To be continued……..


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