I connect to myself without any worldly musings.I am amused with the world rather than amused with myself.I rethink all the possibilities of the given sample of the world as facts.The world is a strange place to stake on all the claims that hold one side of the pros rather than staking claims on the cons.There is neither pros nor cons that matter in the whole episode of reality.The reality is like a fact of ‘don’t care’. The choice of the will in claiming yes or no is the fatal challenge of sticking to the one side of things whether its politics, art or quantum physics.A theory of generalizations don’t fit into the microscopic world of true or false or between the two opposites rather such a theory if found could be a don’t care solution. I don’t care damn about the world is a negative reaction  but to make such a reaction to be don’t care is to take the middle of the way which is usually puzzled and non-committal and it is important that one finds a meaning in the world.So the theory of everything would be a non-committal solution of meaning to the world that is possible with all the fiction of mind.


The inner connection

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