The Man who came closer to God

The divine might be falsehood there is no penny on stake thought Cher.Going with zoom is unnecessary fiction that blooms once in while in a garden of souls.Cher was a man who was a gardner in the eden who obeyed the Godly will like sacrificing his instinct to fathom love.I no more hunt was Cher’s dilemma from where to win the bread rather than the home of God.But belief system is as strong as blind faith in unforeseen nature.Now nature is not God but an idea about God that only those apples are sown that contribute to the well being of angels.Now angels are there to keep the crowd of people moving all day long.Then Cher was a shepherd also living on the alms of men when he would not tend the God’s garden.A brotherly love is fulfilling episode of human condition.We must not resume the old pagan ways of satisfying people like catering to their whims usually against the God.Then if God existed like a monarch there would be a regime of militia men propounding the sonnets in favour of God’s goose.These militia men deny love to everyone except themselves.Their hatred is so strong that they don’t mind crashing themselves in the world.Cher is an honest man living for ordinary men with brotherly love of garden of Eden.


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