A world order fallacy for art and science

We implement design at the world order of things.The design must satisfy 
the order that persists in the world.I design a theory in logic that must
satisfy the requirements of say the vehicles.Now the world order of vehicles start
with the logic at hand as the land vehicles,sea vehicles or air vehicles.Here
we have a world order satisfying three distinct possibilities so our world
order starts with three entities and all the entities must be three to begin
with so we cannot entertain an entity that is other than three of these.A
fallacy in the world order exists when we have a possibility other than these
three.Like for any underground travel the entity would be false for the given
three options and we might entertain contradictions if we persist with the
design based on one of these.But logic hardly affects the world of art where
we are prone to exhibiting whims and lead life based on the whims.Logic
cannot define the world of arts nonetheless I must persist with the artistic
conception of any sort.Art settles the values of aesthetic experience and any
logical experience is denied to us.If we design an artistic painting our world
order still be in an design of any creature either belonging to the air,land or
sea,we could rather mix the hybrids of any of original three entities.

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