Aesthetics as sense of the sensible

The fineness of life is a matter of perception we perceive the intricate 
patterns of beauty that illuminates the inner world of experience.The
patterns are symbolic of form and forms the content of the object being
perceived.The beauty
we seek gives pleasure to our senses being withdrawn
into a concerted effort which is literary in content.The inner world of art
is a subjectivity of the work of art.
In seeing the work of art there is a moment
when we feel the emotion of supreme being within us and that could be
God or godly muse. We live everyday going through immense visuals that sink
ourselves into self-absorption.This is a uniqueness of feeling which we
cannot feel without the inherent beauty present in front of us.The beauty
is a devious thing that could be enchanting and misleading to something
extraneous or irrelevant to the logic of meaning. The fine sense of the
sensible prevails over the common sense of logic.What is it that really
touches our sensual world and enlightens our day as if we had swooned over
love joy.Love is a wondrous thing in life reaffirming itself love enhances the
life of the lover and the loved ones through aesthetic sense.

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