A mindful tango

Mind is fictional existent,existing yet unreal.Out of the mind comes our language of the world.So to exist merely for anything is quite meaningful.We think in terms of a language that is very personal to have any sort of engagement with life.Live to the fullest but first there is some work to be done that implies conditioning the mind for a desired result.We learn by small measures to attain anything in life.This learning is a worldly process that takes its own course over the many years.So we have a mind learning the language to attain anything of worthwhile nature.Beginning with the inner world we could approach the outer world results of shaping the course of our life.Mind is typical chimerical substance that begins with itself laying then out the abstractions of the world.Focusing the energy at particular instant and concentrating for a while to alter the consciousness we could get a peek into the subconscious mind which says we are just there where lies the secret treasures that could provide insight into unfolding the dreams which we all imagine.Hence the all together need of mind conscious understanding ultimately has a useful place in the scheme of things.In fact to understand any scheme of things a private journey into unfolding of mind is required through active participation of mind related exercises.What we want to understand is our own micro world that lies like a seed of creation in the world.To do a mindful tango is the beginning of all important first step.


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