The state as will to fictionalise power

Power is a real concept of time and space domain.It unlike ideologies is not an abstraction of anything or is not a mere idea of forming state to administer what is desired by the collective will.It is rather a will to create fiction about the state.I know the state as a means to lead a life within the geographical boundaries but the idea about state is created to dismantle anything but the boundaries of an entity,in this case it is the state.So the leaders gather all the ideology could muster power in delegating resources to create the power bastions which again like other ideas are the ideas about the power.The leader creates not a power but an idea about the delegation of power in the capitalist regime it is the feeling about the capital in terms of monetary compensation and in the communist sense the power is delegated about a common agenda that relegates everything to the state.So while both the systems are creating power by inventing news of ideologies,they are relegated to nothingness of ideas.The best motive is to live the life as a stranger on an island and let loose.


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