An afterthought about fiction

Fiction is bloom of mind in which everything is staked against each other of the abstract thought.As fiction acquires a new meaning in the world of ideas,we get a higher viewpoint of life.A viewpoint is nonetheless matters as giving meaning to all creation.The writer creates meaning out of nothingness when he feels subjective of his world.I abhor sloppiness in reasoning and demarcate the thinking self as the only true existence on this planet.Man is made for thinking but thinking fiction is all together meta thinking like thinking about thoughts themselves.Kant imagined thing-in-itself as related to mind and we could not have complete cognition about presumed thing-in-itself.Fiction ia all different ball game nether it belongs to thing-in-itself nor to the world of appearances.It is about the mind itself in which all the thoughts are stored in conne4ction with relation to other world of words.So it is not real but nonetheless invented world of fiction could be true in a way that what is imagined is imagined of things-in-itself.

Next is the poetry a study in fiction which presumes our experience of the world as metaphysical claim to reality so poetry is a tool to fictionalize our world of existence in which there is some semblance of rhythm of music.Ezra Pound invented the muse for imagist movement in poetry and if this technique is learned properly the writer as a poet could enrich the lives of his circumstance with fluidity of poetry.To rediscover the world of romance we must have a hero flaunting new ethics of our times, a global spirit as envisioned

Rest all the champion cause of the world
beaming the sunlight off the oneself
he looked with a gleam in his eyes
scathing the surface of all
the material of the world.


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