Mind is Fictional

Mind is imaginary.A relevant keyword for imagination.I don’t know the possibility of existence as occurring of anything from initial conception to final completion that is called an idea.My idea is figment of some other entity.We have words in language that are essential to thought building like synonyms standing for the same entity as each other.So language is a limitation of mind in which we think.The mind is coded in a language as we invoke thoughts using a language we recover all that is relevant to our starting idea.We explore all the combinations of words and decipher our thoughts that stand for out for original idea.Nonetheless language is fictional in character that presupposes our constructing and deconstructing habits.We invent in language a mind,a world,an identity and we pursue such identifications in our daily life.What are the keywords that define my character essentially to some moral sense? I could figure out all such keywords defining my essence in the natural scheme of things.The mesh of keywords form my thought patterns that show an evidence of my thinking and all such thought patterns show evidence of my identity in the world.What it feels like to be me? It is essentially my character defining my spirit in the universe and all of this is imaginary or fictional.Mind hence is formation of fictional substance that imitates my thinking.In the end I am a hologram or image of my fictional substance defining my character in this world.


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