A spiritual lust for love

I am wanderer and now bedridden,solemnly staking claim to spiritual journey that I undertake everyday talking to self.There is passion for the self searching,finding true meaning of life.Like all passions it happens with a burning desire to be spiritually closer to what the nature has bestowed upon man a soulful communion with the mountains if […]

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Does the Octopus Have a Soul?

They’re slippery, clever, and adaptable, and a fascinating new book showcases evidence that these eight-legged terrors of the deep may even be able to think and feel. What has eight legs and just might have a soul? The answer, surprisingly, is an octopus. These leggy cephalopods, long a prominent player in human fear of the […]

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The order of things in the universe

Things and plenty of things is a sure sign of existence but why then pessimism dominates our world order view ?Simply because we want huge many of things.Kant described the thing as thing-in-itself as things exist independent of perception and are unknowable as such.The only knowledge that is possible in such a case is without […]

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The philosophy love connection

I know the roses smell for heaven’s sake exotic and bold.I know love denied is love revived.I embark on the path of love as a sufi saint whose ultimate concern is the cosmos.There is no illusion about who the lover is in this case, a affirmative for the God.To perceive love is not like watching […]

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Lovers’ Denial

I am waiting for Godot to read and your charms have me seized I am hating to leave the city now and wanting to win your favour for a kiss,There is no reply from your end to seize another opportunity to love you hard way I am negligent to lovers ways and roast upon the […]

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The Absurdist Agenda

The world is my will.I shall not shake the norms of the world lest I be one among them.This is the side business of love don’t scroll through what is almighty have done.Lets stand up to the cause of meaninglessness in the world.What is forgotten is not touched upon.The world is power and the power […]

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The Miracle Man

Miracles don’t happen in everyday busy life.Why should anyone worry for the others was the significant question in the mind of Cherry.He was aghast having lost his breath in coming five floors upstairs.In the room George was interviewing his supposed to be wife.The Godman was right there is no left or right just the straight […]

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