Absurdist agenda of mind

I like to think that mind is immaterial aspect of our lives and interacting  with matter ,the matter is a fiction of mind on which we base our existence.We exist merely for the idea of existence that defines predominately our psyche the way we form meaning out of all that is given to us.How could we form the meaning just by the use of mere language or by searching for the ultimate substance that gives us a reason for joy after spending the whole day in mundane tasks.There has to be some substance that like gold must be rare so that we abundantly take care of it.The relations we form in life complicate the whole business of life.Can relations give us more fulfilling meaning rather than any material benefit? Our mind is the key to all such questions.For some people material  pursuit is all that is there in life and they spend their lives unfulfilled for the want of love.Of course love matters and the love essence is all we could look for in life.Love essentially reinforces the feeling of being wanted in the world that seems too much uncaring for any purpose.We could overcome the fear,loneliness and absurdity by loving someone.Life is dependent upon chance and thus is absurd.We do things on the whole that are absurd we find ourselves in relations that are absurd and even nature presumes an absurd force.In the wake of such absurdity its the love that fulfils our life.Love is and should be wilful choice of our existence.We could turnaround and say the ‘I love you’ which lightens our otherwise burdensome existence. We must find meaning and love is the starting place of finding meaning to our existence.


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