The knowledge of the soul is possible

The soul as awareness of the self or consciousness of being in the world is sensible through divine experience of the world which is further dependent upon transcending the cosmic knowledge of the self while seeking meaning in the world.My meaning of the reality is formed through experience of the world which is usually based on the appearances of the reality.My meaning is my knowledge of the reality while my circumstantial conditions are true to my cause of existence.I exist barely to form sense out of existence.My primary aim is to fulfil besides needs of the body the needs of the soul which is wisdom or knowledge about my existence that is based on reason.So I reason myself till I form the basis on which the knowledge of the world could be based.Apart of the knowledge is based on reason while the other part of knowledge I derive through intuition.Thus the part of the knowledge based on reason is of the soul,the divine constitution of self that fulfils the knowledge about the existence of the supreme being and matters the direction in which I take myself in pursuing divinity.It is the most urgent need to comprehend the higher reality of God.The soul thus is a thought that extends the possibility of God in the realms of knowledge based on intellectual bond with the self.


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