Soul as a thinking substance

Soul does exist but more important is its existence as a thinking thing.Mind could be a soul provided thought has an extension , an awareness about itself.Mind is a fictional substance where pure thought exists and thought when has an extension is called soul.It is a level of awareness about itself when we are conscious of our thoughts we act like a soul.A soul having a face is an allegory where consciousness is outward bound and we feel our thought as having extension somewhere in the universe where we are present.Now thinking thing is made aware of its own cognition and that essence is permanent in the sense of existing beyond body that is what we call soul.So our thought of ourself called consciousness is existing separately from body but that body is one we called fictional substance like mind.So our thoughts could endure our presence in time space continuum as consciousness even when we cease to exist as a body.The consciousness of Albert Einstein is present today in the form of its own existence which is in a separate time space continuum than in which we are present in the world.So there exist many parallel worlds like many parallel universes in which is thought driving the consciousness.Our world is  not meek where the feeble could inherit it.It is composed of many different consciousnesses  in which truth prevails and the more it is truthful the more of consciousness as an existent of our self is present.It is present in a thinking form and we could in fact ride that consciousness into the universe.So thinking consciousness ultimately survives a ravage of time and exist beyond the astronomical distances of universe provided we practice truth or rational source.


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