Mind a monist’s idea of one and only one substance

Mind is fictional in nature,something invented by the will to live in the harsh circumstances of life and be alone in its working for producing the best result for the body.Its natural when we think ,we feel like imagining little thoughts and it is all the mental activity that makes us aware of our world.The mind sees all the thoughts in fiction in the sense that mind is building up an edifice of thought and eventually turn everything into a complex building which we inhabit during the thinking process.Like a fiction of a novel mind builds up building from tiny bricks of unit of ideas and makes us aware of the complete edifice when we see the reality out there, each construction suffice as we need and each construction distinct from other constructions.A quantum of thought does not produce any incoherent substance unless you are suffering from some sort of mental delusions.When we see the reality we hardly think of mind but an extension that has been yielded  by the mind and we call it body.Its is fictional what we see like mind itself that grows all the reality in front of us.When we see extension of objects we feel reality as real and existing in contrast to mind being fiction and unreal.There is no duality , inside mind and outside  there is a substance that could be called as fictional substance.


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