Master of Zen

I am wearing my skin as token of love God
I am living on the alms of past year
Now having full shot at redemption
I reinvent the wheel and sad about it
What is proper I long for it
The pearls and diamonds matter a little
I want wisdom if there is totality of reality in it
I want to hear the song of revolution and
The bagpipes blown to Celebrating youth with it.
There is a sound of drums and I am dancing for it
I collapse to the floor I am in need of solution
and my hands are empty with fire and
There’s a light coming from the towers behind the sentries
I am blindfolded with destiny
There is another faith of love I am learning
and I read about it.
This was long time a problem of deafening silence
the army marching past glue the ideas and forbid it
I am championing an idea and I want to risk my life with it
There in the end is a problem with a solution tied with it.


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