Nature of consciousness

I am conscious of my environment and as pleased with it as I feel.My feeling of the consciousness is ever indulging fascination with reality and very much of real substance that is real and not imagined like mind itself.I see as an observer every minute the action unfolding with some prelude that I have read in a book on philosophy.I am keen sighted to note that thus far there is no discrimination in reality as to myself and I get on the action as I want it but there is a strange correlation between mind and my feelings.I feel alone and submissive of myself.If reality is non discriminating then how come I feel alone.There must be some other attribute that is present to existence and that must be a  need for a company that can have pity on me for which I am suffering as a human being.So I am suffering but my suffering is not for myself as a person but myself as a human being who belongs to wider class of homo-sapiens. So there is an attribute of belongingness to some class.If that belongingness is taken into consideration I feel there is no way for me to express myself as a human being and the lack of it is making me go edgy on being alone.So I indulge into the action of say writing a story thus I could feel myself as human being.The first idea that comes to mind as existing is that of fiction when I attempt to write a story.Thus I invent a story and now I want to feel the collective will of the people about my story.Hence I must look for a way to publish it but I find it absurd to publish what literally was written out of need to belonging to a class of which I am a member.This philosophical investigation could continue further but I am content to realise that my trouble to indifferent reality begins with the notion of class.I must overcome the idea of this ‘class’.


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