Mind as talking spirit

Mindless means irrational and mindless talk means absurd mumblings of behaving person. What is thought is the unit of meaningful relations with the world and finding a niche for oneself in the hierarchy of things.In other words exhibiting intelligent quotient where everything is a quantum of thought explaining the entities of the world.Anything silly shows absent minded behaviour. I am interested in a unit of thought that explains complex patterns of life.It is not behaving mind of an actor but karmic effort of self.Now self is different from soul and soul is different from pure consciousness.What we have is mental rendition of Shakespeare as lived by the existence of a being.I recite from say Macbeth and I fear none forming an imagery on my mind other than Shakespeare but it has to be enacted say in public so what I hear is the experience of shakespeare from other source than my being.The mind becomes a subject when reciting by oneself and my mind becomes an object when recited by someone else.In either case I am listening to Macbeth  as written by Shakespeare. So mind is a talking spirit.When I look for words to say something I would see that I make if not a magic than the meaning at least.


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