In the name of most democratic idea

Democracy is the diktat of common people in the world.Anything referring to anything less than free will is derided in the streets,mocked in the parliaments and criticised by the newspapers .We have reached the state of affairs in the world to such an extent that free will is absolutely means the opposite of tyranny and all the tyrants of the world are meekly accepting what is the effect of collective will.Today we are against each other and the free will endorses the dissent among the collective will that no coherent ideology is prevalent in the world.Rather there is no collective thought about the state as it once was in the realms of Marx.Before dissecting the body of the polity we must ascribe to the basic need of following an idea that is at all time ebb.We are meekly accepting the collective will brought by technology as global affirmation of lack of presence of any earth shaking ideology.We are artists first and humans later as the collective will endorses to satisfy the senses before the humanity. I need to cater to my own whims before I could project any idea coming from the everyday reality such that a change is demanded in the affirmation before anything else could be verified.There are many concerns of individuals before they become like global but first we must understand the factual data summarising my need to stand as an individual of the world rather than a citizen of the country.Like all other ideals my idea about the global citizen is relatively more obscure whereas I seek a mere affirmation from other individuals to empathise with my ideas.The global yes is important to the ideas of liberty and freedom but more important is the need to be together in unity and truly represent the human nature which to our common belief is that of empathy.This is the need of the hour.


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