Beauty and beast and the artist

Beauty beheld in secret communion
is not with a beast or a beastly work
there is a lock and the key that nothing
befits anything but the course of life
persists.What reason could exist for
beauty to be beautiful but pretty little
shapes of fine texture and composition
of which exists with the beast and is
solemnly with the worshipper of art.
To begin with He was a dancer who could
have depth in space and time connection
but he was an artist of sorts having
remembrance of thoughts other than artistic
but divine in form and combination.
She was a singer who lit the pyre of purpose
and together they will a arty production.
All the publication houses came to see
her beauty and his grace only a beast would
propose another way that leads this way
The beast was fed to fatten himself
and cared for the singer like a performer
and all three relished the season of mangoes.


3 thoughts on “Beauty and beast and the artist

  1. ashamelesskid says:

    hi im new to blogging and would appreciate your follow .. im blogging my poetry that i use as a way to deal with life and love to share my random crazy weird mind process haha


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