The Godly muse

My muse,God.I don’t think  anything else these days.I forsake desires to mingle with a true spirit.I want to reach the truth of the existence and not burdened by it.I keep the prayers short and terse nothing more than Amen I would say to the God then God was not invented to suit existential demands of the world.The science is not manipulative as the artist usually feels.There exists a spirit about the awareness of the surroundings and in the deep centre of it rests the halo of God.What is the belief is not what is God and God is not domain of religion, only a fair amount of scientists do believe in Godly existence of the universe and for many artists God is nature.The phenomenology of God exists as the truest of all the true substance that is without a form yet establishing itself in the world.There are many religions that presuppose the conditions for existence of God and cater themselves to the needs of God as they please.The true effect is in philosophy about God as an intelligent activity establishing the reality of spiritual usually mental, and existing outside towards the outermost reality that has a seed of itself within oneself.Now I must expand the light of God that is living inside me as a flame that could enlighten the whole universe with it,into manifolds among the hearts of others.There is prime essence in the aspect of love that it must be unconditional.You shall not love anyone on conditions so many a spiritual people give up the world and satisfy themselves with the love of God and remain content with the knowledge of it.If God is a muse, it defines clearly the feeling towards the universe of all things in one,in certainty of unity that unites all the splintered selves within the man.A man might have many pieces of himself that he cannot see the whole world in unity of God’s composition and that he finds the life repetitive of desires.God is one.God is unity.


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