The Absurd circle

All the dreams stick onto the psyche
like loose leaflets on a wet bough
The dreams are dreams only of the world
in which we struggle to hold ourselves
Into a conduit of imagination
not an ounce is drank of life’s nectar
yet shallowing in love and letters
We stand to attainment and its futile
luck doesn’t do charms anymore
we are after all alone.The illusions
are plenty and we could live a life
of someone else ‘s karma.We have become
spendthrift with our own actions.We just
gulp all the information and become an island
Our speech is hesitant and we have come full circle.
All the doubts of mind engulf all our passion.
We love in broken elements of ourselves
and stand alone on gallows of incertitude
and lost recently all the certainty
and with it wisdom to null parameters
of the absurd circle.There is no hope
after all !


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