Discovering the meaning of life

The chip of the old block, how could I fix it with the new change coming in the world.Lately resting at home with nothing to work for in life,I lost myself to find the meaning in the world.There seemed nothing to be important while you relaxed without any worry for a future.There has to be a story of everything that fits all the theories and become a possible diktat for leading life leisurely.The old fears keep on surging and I keep on ignoring any possible meaning I could give to my world.Then there comes an inspiration to be like yahoo but then I run out of patience and discard everything again to be meaningless.What about a translation of Albert Camus? It gets me started for sure but I grope for meaning as I write this.There is nothing in itself complete in this world.Like the dialectics, everything is born a new and having contrast in itself, it eventually decays.This is the big problem I am facing.Does God exist? May or may not be possible is all it seems to me.The knowledge cannot erode away these dilemmas.There must be inherent in the thinking that I should endear myself.The discovery of meaning is the most fruitful gain for a writer apart from struggling for it the writer must cultivate the meaning consciously as he develops the writing skills.It is not the skill but the meaning that is wanted.The meaning of the universe could be love that is acting like a glue and holding every piece together.In fact the scientists have discovered the God particle that triggered everything in the universe to the present state.In arts also the artist’s most fortunate concern is meaning as to the incomprehensible world.


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