The late illusions

As I watch the drama of illusion
happening on the television
I am at war with myself to believe
eagerly that reality is the only truth
and find many people lying to themselves
by an axiom of logic I treat abstracts
the forgetfulness remembered and
remembrance forgotten, my senses lapse
I deny not one but many kings a life of wealth
who else could be more wealthy than
the wise old men gathering about
in unison of the old library
The drama on television replayed
every thought and every second
What could be the cause behind beauty?
Beauty is the cause behind love!
and then what is love without soul!
I hear nothing inwards but outwards
are the cries of pain and joy
what could disturb so many of them
on television, they have cause celebrity
and the decades old enigma of a
fashion advertisement declaring
nothing is beautiful than a woman!
Then restoring the beauty of the nature
and calling it mother,is to shed a humane
art as worshipped by many
still in these by-lanes of love
young kids enjoy the play about the games
The nature is tall and vigorous
and the God of men that doesn’t hide
any law known to many! How men know nature
laws,from the God himself parting in
the universe and all the matter locked up
in the mind of nutshell, I bear no more
friendship but a hollow sky.
I part with men what I could enjoy.Amen.


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