The Fall of Camus in newer speculation

Albert Camus’ the fall needs no introduction as it is indicative of philosophy that Albert Camus pursued called the philosophy of the absurd. The existence of God is as doubtable as the existence of a white cow that seems gibberish but it is absurd to think that God exists as likely as the existence of a white cow but if you believe in the full documentation of the bible there is ever present doubt on God as there is a doubt on who’s going to be the next president of the united states. The reality is indifferent and it stays like that till you become the president of the united states.Next is the doubts about one’s own existence and one finds there is no hidden meaning in having dinner but you recall that dinner is as physical desire as running for the presidency unless you opt to be an ascetic as such.The fall of Albert Camus is a rhetoric about the causality of chance and the interplay of words that draw a hero of some moral defect who cannot distinguish between the God and the evil.He pursues a life that is full of speculation as casual as the weather.The weather is difficult to discuss with chance playing all the important attribute while God denies playing the dice still the moral hero cannot see between the harsh and the cruel future for himself he had opted in chasing the inherent desire to find meaning in life.There is no meaning to begin with and there is no passion that could elevate the hero to prime time of his life while suffering emotional and psychological defects.The fall from a social position is as evident as sex which nonetheless glorifies the cause and asks for celebration of life.The speculation of heartbeat is as important as the dance in love.


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