The love as stranger than estranged

Strangers shall remain strangers no matter how well we know about them.My world is the case in which everything is in its place but the stranger who is finding the meaning to be an acquaintance at least but the situation with a stranger never changes.Love is strange,it fills our emotions with gasps of finding the true meaning in life and the person we love is beyond any meaning we do suggest and is known to us as someone special in our life but the meaning of having someone in life leaves us with no choice but to make that in fact he was never a stranger to begin with , we know him fully from the start.The question is not how strangers behave but how we find a complete stranger to be having the utmost meaning in our life.The meaning of sacred love, the more pious the love more desperate we find love to be.Its utterly infeasible for us that the meaning destroys the love and its emotion so in love we become irrational as if the object lover hides all the reason in the world. Our universe begins from the person we love and ends at him.In fact we don’t find meaning strong enough to hold the person in our arms, we have become the irrational root of existence.Love sees no antidote to itself and let alone the meaning.The meaning imposed by ideologies,nations,corporations is nothing in the wake of finding true meaning in love which in fact could be our dilemma about the reality if it is conducive enough for us to hold the meaning with a stranger who never in fact held any position in our life prior to falling in love.The stranger of love is the ever conquering hero of the world. The world is large so is our meaning and our inability to find any substantial meaning is our result of falling in love which in fact is the irrational mind looking for spirituality.


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