Ghostbuster’s soul

On the impulse i make a choice
between choosing and not choosing
between the world and its nemesis
I choose ultimately love for love’s sake
and lover connect with love for lover’s sake
an artist writting endlessely about art
could be forgiven for speech and all the
russian muse comes from Dostovesky
why ? why not Lenin? You choose between
the lines who hid himself well and detrmine
the truth about loose phantom that I am a ghost
for ghostbuster’s thought and being fed the thoughts
to carry over from the past
I seldom find poetry as flux or charge
I mean poetry is cross-art,for seeing and believing
and feeling and exclaiming all that is gone
is the whole last century in a flux and a thought
still in separation found solace that I exist
ultimately for existence’s sake and strange boxer
calls off the fight who had not known Christ or
another symbol for as much giving advice on drawing
art and the truth.


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