From the absurd to absurdity

The absurd is evermore present than the strangeness of meaning.There is no rhythm in life that bestows harmony and noise simultaneously.There are no deep waters and shallow fish in the sea, the meaning of the opposites present at the same time baffles human mind.It just can’t happen.Either you would be sad or happy you can’t be both at the same time.I am happy for you and sad for myself,this is absurdity of life.I am stranger to you and your city.There is no heavens’ gate that lets Adam and Eve through the same door or rather Adam and Eve are parted till the fruit of knowledge consumes everything,everything that it explains.The man had a beginning so every thing set on the course have a beginning but it is the view not to end with a whimper that’s troubling and making man smarter as well as stranger to his own emotions.With the dawn of technology man makes the world afresh every day,everyday he sets out on a new beginning and every night he goes to the bed with a whimper.The fate is not what is bothersome but the journey that lasts on and on like a slow motion rewind of everything going into the sea of past and nothing remaining in time for tomorrow.The condition of man in the modern universe is absurd though he has set all his toys on the move yet he faces them with a slight regret as if the existence has become stranger than a few decades earlier.He is the chased and chasing.The absurd and the absurdity.


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