The reality is surreal

I imagine the things and the things do not exist.Its unreal and I must know the fictitious nature of reality.The reality when is fiction is a mere chance of not present and hence immeasurable with the senses.When its sensible I call the reality really real and when the real is large enough for a view on to the reality I call it surreal.The surreal art exists as the extension of objects extended out of proportion that may be called larger than life.When we are fully conscious then the reality is absolute.The objects move larger rather bigger and huge.The reality is surreal that I transcend all that is presented to me by reality of the real world.The transcendence is super real.I cannot negate anything to deny any fact.All the facts are absolute and presented in a manner that I am engulfed by super structures of the sensible world.There is nothing hidden behind the surface.What is fiction is unreal and fiction too is concerned with moving to gigantic proportions and present itself as science fiction.I am not confused, the whole of future is a giant fiction that is known to our minds as the ultimate challenge for mind to confirm.The faith in matter is restored to the giant leaps of mind that itself is unreal.The paintings of surreal art are marked by the fact of its elusive nature.I remember through my memory all the emotions that project me to the bigger scale of surreal art.The emotion is preserved through emoting.The reality in surrealism emotes to a bigger science as if everything is large and it is not an illusion that I bleed blue when imagination of that sort is concerned.A fish shall remain a fish that only the whales and sharks exist in surreal and there is no place for diminutive and so be it.


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