The cosmic definition of love at first sight

Love happens when we are unaptly prepared for it.The universe is made of love out of chocolate box that all the stars ring on one verse they may presume to be in the heavens and written by clearly its indomitable God.Senses feast on the idea of beauty that even the beast too has a sense of love developed so far that to him nothing is a delusion but unheard cry of joy lapping the jungle with shyness, he smiles with love.Is there a unique expression found out of love that is worth noting to spend time with your beloved.Fortunately there is a quiet serenade if played to the object of your love then he would dote over you.Its a magic concoction.Silently writhing for love.The cosmic clearness for love is a force of attraction that swerve past you into a deep tunnel of love that keeps on grovelling into the far distance.The essence of earthly love is love itself while that of heavenly love is the soulful conditioning of youth.Souls never grow old and the lot of oomph comes from a straight fact that once eyes are locked, they are never closed.You shake all the effort of love and write a verse maybe your lover is beautiful than moon, it passes by you that no cosmic definitions could sound better than mocking yourself as an idle lover who could pursue a trojan war if anyone could fling with your lover.The lovers’ worry is not the distances but more comprehensive study of self and no self is supposed to be enlightened than the one who has toiled burning the midnight oil in memory of his lover.Back in the history were duels fought to restore the pride of lover or love affection of the world,still in modern times is the aptly answerable day of Valentine’s when you could loose all the bindings of love and sunk into your lover’s arms like a lucifer before christ.


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