The enigma of a divine soul

I knocked on the door,there was  an answer ‘please! come in’.I ventured into the world of day dreaming there was a beauty dazzling the eyes,the fountain of youth sprang in the garden of eden.I could not believe what is the soulful dance I ever saw.The dance of swan so.A little by little the  angels opened the dance floor to all the demons of a far dynasty.There was I sitting shyly at the side of the band and the songs of divinity filled the air.The Godly world was amazing,I saw another dream that was of souls being brought home and in the kitchen I was drinking Bacardi Rum.The angels danced again for the universe while I cheer them as the leaders of God’s Bastion who preserve the rituals of divinity with their pious voice.To be or not to be in love is a question that haunts all the believers of faith and usually they favour to be rather than not to be.So be it and I came on to the floor dancing to the carols of christmas and white snow gathered all the tears of heavens when drunk to fulness of life.I am awaiting again another afternoon with the souls to be free to dream.I never got another dream of the voice of the God and demons haunt me inside when I think about love.The dilemma of soul whether to love another soul and complete oneself or whether to love God alone and be soulful.The mystique of woman is  such that beauty always surge in us feelings of possession and to possess beauty is mortal sin.If eve could not preserve the beauty of Eden the Adam would have been still at bay.


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