A nightfall by the lake

Many nights I spend in fright
There was a memory of a girl
as she played the flute like
an honest lullaby she learnt
from her mother and now when
she has gone out of this world
I feel like a child when I weep
on her memory.These nights by the lake
fright like church men who have become ghosts
in the twilight and slumber by the lake
at night time. She plays flute with wavering hands
as if she has pierced ice in the mid afternoon
and now rehearsed her part like a playful
beauty who rocks both the worlds
and dazed walk away
and come back again wearing a hazel
sweater on which she knitted
the long night call of a summer day
and standing there on the wooden
hasting to bring water in pails
I heard now she has fallen silent
of years lore now stand none by fire
the fire gods puke gold
and ring the starlets in her hair on June
as if many a sailor have come to oar
her dreamboat on a night by the lake


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