God bless my soul

The God exists.I want to believe in the God of our times.I part with the years of Christ where everything lulled into eternity.I want to believe not in the hearsay I want to believe in the present.A compelling times to enlighten myself. I have faith in the modern times though the thought is at odds with the times.The God of Nietzsche is still there to lull everything into silence.A sort of superhuman who could lift the life out of triviality.The christ made the life trivial as the only hush thing about love is between man and soul.How could be corporeal man be with immaterial Soul is not to reconcile with one’s fate.There is always something cutting through the grass when our all the hope is in inhuman love of shadows of man.I want the real self that is with the reality of our present civilisation that has dawned with the times into  sophistication in the twenty first century.I just don’t want to idle my time sitting on the wayside and hoping indifferently for the church to show light.The light grows out of pity cannot throw itself on the modern man.There is more than God to life but an initial belief proves to be better for the continuation of life itself.There is nothing to believe in as the gasping soul could see then the soul is not under the tyranny of the church. If the third believer other than the spirit could exist, it would be the ever consuming soul as a thought having extension.Then the thought does exist that brings sensibility to the world.If we have to form any meaning of the world then the soul must exist as the only reason for the christ to live in the hearts of man.The soul reconciles with the fate of the man as the condemned person to live a life time.The condemnation is with   the birth of man rather than the death that the church presumes to be and one false step in the beginning leads to other false steps as in reincarnation.Once the soul has found rest why it would be born into a being other than the God that it was denied in the beginning.We could set on a course of illogical reasoning if we believe the church rather than philosophy.


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