All a philosopher dad could do in day’s work

If mind is the door to inner life then dads would surely be finding a refuge within.The kids learn from dads what about the world around them cares about.Dad is a first role model the kid is going to have and if the first role model is a dad who is philosopher there is nothing better than that. In fact kids make the dads a philosopher then every dad is a philosopher of a sort and it is better to help the kids figure out mathematics when the dad is the best mathematician around who just doesn’t figure out numbers but could be a kid’s first introduction to the number system.There is a logical place for a dad that follows numbers more than a grocery could help.The father figure to be perfect I think the father must be fluent in numbers. Half of kid’s troubles start with numbers which is more reflective of the child’s brain as is commonly believed.Besides helping with the numbers a dad could fulfil the place of an artist who could introduce the world of art or aesthetics to  his child.You could say its right and left brain together working for the overall development of a kid.The early years are for strengthening the ties of a child with that of society where the child would ultimately take place of his dad.The father is the first person who maters in the society. A philosopher dad could  motivate the life of a kid as well as he would like.It is basically initial investment of one’s time in their kids upbringing.The world though would sound strange with a thought to children but ultimately a kid would realise the importance of thinking in life.


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