Fishing in the shallow waters

Ever thought about shallow waters where one is left feeling the chill of great pending sea.Some scare about the sea and one thinks all life is made up in shallowness of thought.The thought leads to impending doom which mind accepts as fait accompli.There is nervousness about living one’s life on an edge and also in defensive behaviour of guarding oneself till the very thoughts become impersonal.Now I am not feeling a little remorse for mankind or feeling an urge to discover something new and one ends up in the shallow waters again.The water rises and ebbs leaving impressions on the mind as freshness of mind and body rolls forth.But I don’t want shallow fishing, I must launch for deep waters where is the depth of thought and fishing in such waters is like becoming wise after many mishaps, still the freedom and love for knowledge leads to trials of something new and if you are fishing, there is welcome to the seas. I put my nets in the shallow waters and wait for what I get in return.A star-fish or a whale but the object is immaterial and its the tides of the seas and shallow water that rides one in the consciousness of oneself with the soul.There are no enemies now, just me,sea and fishing.There is a beacon on the shore reflecting light to the depths of the seas as if it is tonight the thunderstorm and tomorrow would be the light I still venture into the waters where there are fewer risks of being destroyed.I am happy for the fishing and the wait is over with a gift of its own, a love for the woman in my life and there goes the net upon the web gathering as many posts and visitors as the destiny would permit.


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