A Fierce Marathon

I heard him saying ‘Life doesn’t need crawlers but top most men of nature’,what he meant by nature was left to guessing as it woul denote the psychological or physical.I took it seriously and thought many days about the psychological nature of men.Men by birth are of peculiar qualities that match the gene pool where by he could be doing diverse things like riding horses or lonesome things like painting a picture.If there is anything common between the above two things is then that is running fierce Marathon.Man running a marathon is not a test of time or spirit but of cause, what causes the man to run a marathon that could be a very serious motive like drawing solidarity with other men that marathon at olympics I think suggest.Another idea behind Marathon is to test the spirit of men when they bear all the strain to show their strength and their means to work about a given task.Marathon when related as time space trouble usually denotes a long distance over many circles that the person running marathon denotes but lately I have been thinking about love and related marathon to love as such the man running marathon to meet his lover which could be an urgent call denoting a sort of emergency when other modes of transport are unavailable like the whole people going on strike to protest against the other men who profit upon their souls.Now his lover needs an urgent attention and he must possess enough strength to go through a long distance run besides faith in love.Its ultimately the faith in love that the whole universe is about.The faith of falling man to the ground is to get up and going soon and fierce marathon tests all that stuff man is made of to love.


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