Rediscovering the self

My pity on myself never ended but increased as I walked the ways of my life.I had to note that some day I might be a writer looking in the mirror and silently admiring myself but outside world was strange and survival as I noticed depended upon knowledge.I didn’t know what  to gain knowledge about, might be science or history or could be as vague as General Knowledge but my success depended on knowledge.When the family would gather I must have something to talk about and I wondered I had none till I found blog writing.I must express myself but the knowledge of self now transformed into metaphysics, became urgent.The self never betrays if it is looked upon reflectively and one has to be true to oneself then this life was no longer a trudge.Many times and I still wonder , the knowledge of self is delusional and one might be edged upon following some existing thought pattern or some belief or some sacred or divine mantra.What I have found was the knowledge of self depended upon one’s will to be true and truth is not easy to practice in this materialistic world.I don’t look upon matter with awe or reason now I proceed with renouncing as one would renounce one’s clothes when they are old and ragged.The knowledge of self is wonder and amazing to be one’s constant companion.Till we meet again.


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