Is experience necessary for cognition?

I experience lot of matter and space.Is there really a matter rather than a view describing me all that is matter is my personal idea.We live all the life believing matter is all that is real and hence truth.What if there is an idea in your time -space where your reality happen to be your personal deduction unless you take the pain of verifying it so it becomes a fact.Then all the news coming out of sky is all facts ? or mere thought ideas that could not be verified as knowledge is personal.My reality stands for me ,my cognition about the facts is my facts for the truth unless I share them with someone who has also experienced such facts themselves.Hence we experience and experience all alone  in our personal world unless I want to share my time-space with someone and happen to become a celebrity and hence knowledge all becomes universal.The personal life of celebrities is their logical means to share their thoughts about matter with the public who want to realise all that entity called fame.Our experience is personal no matter how we might try to make it universal.Maybe all that life has to offer is a struggle with the personal to make it universal.


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