Indeterministic universe in indeterministic world

What a vagary to note that fate is the outcome of all the action that a man is supposed to put on with the reality.Nothing exists as he thinks but a waywardness of life settles in when a man utilises action to make his end meet.There is nothing supervisory about the mechanical way of the world where emotion is not considered as the cause of anything substantial but somehow we realise that there must be some temporal power that sustains all the world.The world at large is indeterministic and without fail everything works for which substantial amount of existence exists with a brute force.If we cannot reason with existence our next step is to make possible all the phenomenon rendered to some cause and effect.The way of the world is indeterministic universe largely abandoned to whims of man and his world is littered with largely inhuman ghosts making the reality out there cruel and no God could rescue us from such happening.What is left to chance is oneself such that the self preserves what is in the guise of science a mere certainty.Nothing could be ascertained but the feeble choice of nothingness that determines if not the end then our means.So whatever happens is not by chance and whatever reason could attribute is not mere joy.Hence we could be living in a world without ends and the world without means so that restoring the reality we assume abandoned causes to fix everything.We are alone and in need of something that makes life less cruel and what we do is abandon reason for it seeks matter indistinctly.I reject the material cause of universe.


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