Absurdist agenda of mind

I like to think that mind is immaterial aspect of our lives and interacting ¬†with matter ,the matter is a fiction of mind on which we base our existence.We exist merely for the idea of existence that defines predominately our psyche the way we form meaning out of all that is given to us.How could […]

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The absurd Nightingale

She sang to the full house Beating her heart into tumultuous joys by pulling the strings of a silvern guitar Never forbidding anything that came to her mind She played the music long and hollow The crowd following her antics She suddenly stopped and hush fell through the stadium No one had a clue why […]

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Soul as a thinking substance

Soul does exist but more important is its existence as a thinking thing.Mind could be a soul provided thought has an extension , an awareness about itself.Mind is a fictional substance where pure thought exists and thought when has an extension is called soul.It is a level of awareness about itself when we are conscious […]

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Right or Wrong Idealism

Idealism is the idea behind the mental representation. My pictograph,the idea is borne apart from mental representation The weeding out of any age is no number but my pictograph that depicts the keystrokes of chance into oblivion thus I define a number between unity and infinity I am torn between something and nothing I am […]

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A mention of Spinoza

Its late hour of the night resting with a too and fro motion There is a mention of Spinoza,the philosopher I am little puzzled how in the end is the world A whimper and all the crash about the kerb there is still passion left within me I see the night as it was becoming […]

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Master of Zen

I am wearing my skin as token of love God I am living on the alms of past year Now having full shot at redemption I reinvent the wheel and sad about it What is proper I long for it The pearls and diamonds matter a little I want wisdom if there is totality of […]

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Nature of consciousness

I am conscious of my environment and as pleased with it as I feel.My feeling of the consciousness is ever indulging fascination with reality and very much of real substance that is real and not imagined like mind itself.I see as an observer every minute the action unfolding with some prelude that I have read […]

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